Jin Mikuriya
Jin Mikuriya
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human

Jin Mikuriya (御厨 仁 Mikuriya Jin?) After using a part of a fallen sacred tree to make a sculpture of a girl, he inadvertently brings Nagi back to life. Since then, Nagi lives in his house and counts on his help to hunt down the impurities (as he is able to catch them with his bare hands), a task impossible to Nagi due to her weakened state. Later, when Nagi was frustrated by being uncertain about her own identity, Jin decides to assist Nagi to trace back her origin. He enjoys Worcestershire sauce on a slice of bread or a bowl of rice. He starts developing feelings for Nagi later on. In chapter 56 Jin confessed his love for her. Nagi also finds out his hidden treasure (magazine collection) .

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