Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Goddess

Nagi (ナギ?) is a goddess who wakes up after years of slumber with Jin's unexpected help. When she first awakens, she seems to have lost all her former memories. Even forgetting that her other half, Kannagi, met Jin. Her mission as a deity is to cleanse the impurities of the world, but as her powers have weakened over time due to her sacred tree being cut down, her body is easily harmed by them. To strengthen her powers, she tries to raise herself up to an idol status. Often being praised for her beauty and her "kind" personality, which she shows through her excellent acting ability. Her great acting ability almost fooled Jin to thinking she actually had a split personality. In which she spoke in a more gentler and mannerful tone. She ends up having to do it with the help of Jin and brandishing an improvised exorcist staff created using a magical girl-themed toy baton, which Jin gave to satisfy her. It is revealed early in the story that her sister is Zange, who is possesing Hakua's body. She was created when the tree, Kannagi, was split in half. When she is in her normal personality, she is mischievous and child like, maybe to the point of being a tsundere. Nagi is also noted for her board-like chest. She is often compared to the other bustier heroines because of this and even shows a slight complex. In the manga, it's revealed that she used to have a lover who she deeply cared for, but due to tragic circumstances he became an "impurity". Nagi is shown to care for Jin a lot. It is strongly implied they have romantic feelings for each other. Nagi often gets jealous of the other heroines in the story because they are her so called love rivals.

Later in the story at the time she ran away, it is revealed she has devout followers. In her other personality, she had saved a widow from committing suicide. That widow then raised her children and came to live happily. As an old lady, the widower greatly thanked her for that; thus, greatly impacting Nagi's outlook on herself. She became stronger and more self confident. In most of the story, she greatly doubted herself to be a god. Although she kept those worries to herself, she found many support within the newly found friends she had found through Jin. In all, Jin had changed her life.

Although in the manga, currently she has become an impure diety. She even kidnapped Jin's childhood friend, Tsugumi. Though she quickly released Tsugumi, it is currently unknown if she can return to her former self.

Jin confesses that he loves her in chapter 56.

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